Who are we?

Welcome to the English page of Honorina's kennel. This is a summary of our website in English.

We are a small kennel located in Breda (Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands). Our Chows live with us in our house, together with our two cats. Our family consists of father Frank, mother Patricia and daughters Jessica, Claudia and Saskia. Jessica lives elsewhere with her husband and her children, but they visit regularly. The whole family interacts with the chows, who play an important role in our family, but Patricia and Claudia are their main caregivers and they run the kennel.

Our goal is to breed functional Chows with a good character. It's very important to us that our Chows don't have any physical exaggeration, for example of skin or coat. They must be able to move freely, without breathing problems. Furthermore, health and genetic diversity is important to us. We do various health examinations (hipdysplasia, elbowdysplasia, patella luxation and ECVO- examinations). We use the program 'ZooEasy' (made by my mother by order of the Dutch Chow Chow club - NCCC) to chart the relationship between parents and extended pedigree. Besides that, we adhere to the breeding regulations of the NCCC (Dutch Chow Chow club) and to the requirements of the Dutch kennel club (Raad van Beheer). Although we own both coat varieties, we prefer the smooth Chow Chow. In terms of colors, we prefer black and red. We certainly do not exclude other colors.

Our current Chows

At the moment we've got three Chows at home (Hera, Appie and Cato). If you want to see their pages, you can click on the buttons down below. On their pages you can see their health scores, pedigree (including health scores from parents), important show results and some pictures. 

Our breeding

Occasionally we have a litter of Chow Chow pups. We breed them with the utmost care. If you want to see our litters, you can click on the buttons down below. 
Placing puppies with future owners is not done based on a waiting list system, but based on an 'interest list'. For each puppy we look at which owner is the best match for him/her and vice versa. Each puppy has a unique character. It is therefore very important that there is a good match. This is what we strive for. If you have any questions or are interested in a Honorina's puppy, please feel free to contact us. You can use the contact form on the 'contact' page or through our social media.

Current breeding plan

We hope to welcome a litter of Chows in the summer of 2024. Feel free to contact us for more information. 


Thanks to Sterre Krooshof for editing this page!